Coming Saturday, May 2:

Tuesday, 3/18: Tommy is doing really well! He is awake and the breathing tube is out. His color is great and he's back to his goofy ways.

3/17: Tommy has received his new liver, St. Patrick's day, 3/17 !!! The surgeon said the liver was in great shape which made the procedure smoother than expected. He has been moved to the ICU. He is currently sedated, but they will remove his breathing tube tomorrow and bring him out of sedation to see how he does.
Older surgery/health updates will be archived

Every Wednesday is Liver and Gizzards at KFC in Iowa City. They will be donating 10% to the Tommy Lang Liver Transplant Fund. Turn out in droves and help out! That's 10% of ALL Wednesday sales, not just Liver and Gizzards! Your secret addiction to KFC mashed potatoes (and everything else) helps too!
The CR Gazzette published an article about Tommy's fundraiser, and the community's response to his drive for a liver transplant. It's a good read!
Tom's family has also set up an account at Hills Bank called
"Tommy Lang's Transplant Fund".
You can drop off a check or cash at the KCJJ studios on Quarry Road in Coralville or any Hills Bank branch.
Or mail it to:
Hills Bank & Trust
Attn. mail teller
P.O. Box 160
Hills, IA 52235-9989
Make the check out to "Tommy Lang's Transplant Fund".
You can also transfer money from your Hills Bank account in-person or by calling 1-866-866-8901.
My sister Lisa can answer any questions at lisalloyd427@gmail.com.